Flats, Steps and Vans

Over 600 Specialized Units

Member Special Carriers and Rigging Association

Safest Drivers in the Industry
           SC&RA Fleet Safety Improvement Award 1995 & 1996
          SC&RA Safety Award-Carriers over 100 Million Miles
          1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.

Equipment Availability
          Single Drops
          Double Drops
          Removable Goosenecks
          Multi Axle Trailers
          Steerable Dollies
          Expandable Trailers

Landstar Inway's Specialized Hauling

We offer you the most professional and safest drivers in the industry. When you're transporting 18' wide or 16' high, you have to pay attention to details! That attitude is consistent throughout our OPERATIONS, STAFF, AGENTS AND BUSINESS CAPACITY OWNERS. We understand and adopt your sense of urgency and take away your worries. When our truck loads your freight, regardless of size, rest assured it will arrive at the destination in perfect condition. One of the many benefits of using Landstar Inway is-one of our 500 single drops or 100 double drops or over 30 multi-axle units will be there on time to pick it up. At Landstar Inway we consider your problems, our opportunities.

Ceiling Cranes 56' Long

UHF Television Antenna 60' Long.

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